Longcross Capital - Situations

Purchase or Refinance

Purchase new assets or refinance existing performing assets.

Distressed asset restructuring

Correcting loan covenants after a fall in asset valuation, loss of tenant, fall in income or combination of all three.

Distressed sponsor restructuring

Fresh finance to pay off or pay down maturing debt, financing discounted loan redemptions, covering leasing costs and capital expenditures and providing growth capital.

Funding discounted loan pay offs

Redeeming outstanding loans at an agreed haircut.

Kick starting stalled projects

Fresh capital to add value to a property in order to achieve an exit sale or lease.

Sponsor equity IRR enhancement

Using mezzanine and preferred equity to reduce the sponsors equity cheque and enhance their equity IRR.

Real Estate Secondaries

Providing liquidity to real estate private equity vehicles and their investors looking to exit a position prior to the end of the life of the vehicle or before the business plan is completed.